WLPayments adds 10 new processors within 4 months

WLPayments has achieved a significant milestone in providing merchants with a complete acquirer agnostic payment gateway platform. The company has integrated the following global processors to their payment gateway solution:

  1. Wirecard
  2. Secure Trading
  3. Checkout
  4. Trustly
  5. Novelnet
  6. Interac
  7. Paysafe
  8. Creditsafe
  9. PPRO
  10. Sepa Express

The above were integrated within four months. This pace of integrations further demonstrates WLPayments’ approach to planning in a number of hours and days rather than weeks and months. “This is a testament to the power of our modular and modern platform where acquirers get integrated at lightning speed. ” said Sunil Jhamb, Founder & CEO of WLPayments.

An agnostic approach to payments has numerous benefits:-

  • High Availability: We ensure your payments are always processing oblivious to acquirer uptime. The payments automatic failover to the next available acquirer is in-built into the WLPayments Platform.
  • Fully-managed Reconciliation: No more hassle of reconciling transactions with reconciliation files in different formats from different acquirer at different times. All integrations support WLPayments’ One-Click Reconciliation.
  • Intelligent Transaction Routing: Now merchants will be able to fully utilize WLPayments’ Intelligent Transaction routing to steer their payments towards optimized speed and save on costs.
  • Real-time Consolidated Reporting: All the transactions are consolidated at one place with actionable insights, monitoring, capture/void and other actions.
  • One Integration: With a single integration with WLPayments’, merchants can focus on their core business and leave all the technological challenges for WLPayments’ to handle.
  • Performance Monitoring: The merchants get a clear picture about acquirer uptime, speed and performance in a single view.

We are continually striving to provide our merchants with the best-in-class payment platform and therefore, will keep working on further integrations. Email us at info@wlpayments.com to get in touch.

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