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Watch interesting webinars on trending topics related to the payments world.


3DS Tips & Tricks

Optimize your 3DS strategy to improve the success rate


What you will learn:
– How to optimize your 3DS strategy
– How to apply SCA exemptions
– How to implement 3DS routing

Frictionless 3DS implementation is a challenge for many online merchants. The authentication layers complicate the checkout experience. An incorrect 3DS strategy can lead to increased cart abandonment.

Watch the webinar and learn from a merchant how collaborating with your payments partner can help you optimize your 3DS strategy.

3DS - Mobile Payments

Payment Orchestration

Increase conversion rates and lower transaction costs

WLP Payment orchestration layers


What you’ll learn:
Route payment flows, increase conversion rates, and lower transaction costs. Nowadays, an advanced Payment Orchestration is what companies need to tackle difficulties in their online payments and most importantly, to optimize their payment strategy. Join Matthijs Koorn, Chinmay Jain for an insightful webinar that will include:

Definition of Payment Orchestration:
– Payments Orchestration challenges
– Technical aspects of advanced Payment Orchestration
– Case studies from WLP CustomersQuestions & Answers!



3DS1 sunset is approaching

3ds1 - Sunset

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