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Frictionless 3DS2.2 Implementation – The Challenges

Although, transitioning to 3DS2 brings many new benefits when compared to 3DS1, its implementation can be cumbersome and present many challenges in itself. So let us now take a look at these key challenges and discuss the importance of a frictionless 3DS 2 implementation. 


Frictionless 3DS 2.2 Implementation – The Solutions

In the first part of our blogs about 3DS2 implementation (which you can find here), we discussed the key challenges and the importance of a good 3DS2 implementation. In this blog, we will turn to the solutions and take a closer look at what can be done to ensure smooth implementation. 

pci dss

5 things you need to know about PCI DSS

The following blog addresses all the empirical and subjective doubts that you as a payment service provider or user would have about PCI DSS, from the perspective of a payment processing business owner.