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pay by link

Share payment links and QR codes with your customers via SMS, email, chatbot or any other channel and get paid instantly.

Pay by link
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Higher Conversion

Higher Conversions

Faster Payments

Faster Payments


Minimise Abandoned Baskets

Secure Payment Process.

Secure Payment Process

Flexible User

Flexible User Experience

Multiple channel Checkout

Multi-Channel Checkout

How it works

Create a Payment Link via API or Dashboard

Create payment link

Share the Payment Link over SMS, Email etc.

Share payment link

Customer pays through online payment

customer pays

Get Notified once the payment is complete

get notified

Requesting payments from customers is just a click away

Requesting payments fr

Modern technology to unlock contextual commerce.


Boost your revenues by following up directly with a payment link.


Easy and fast setup without integration.


With QR payments, any mobile phone becomes a checkout point.

Requesting Payments

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