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Improve success rates, lower costs and stay compliant, using our payment authentication solution Flex 3DS. You are also able to choose the best 3DS strategy for each of your transactions with 3DS routing.

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Innovation and Technology

Better success rates

Requires no technical effort

Lower Transaction Cost

Lower transaction costs

More flexibility

More flexibility

Better control

Acquirer Independent

Acquirer independent

What is 3DS2

3DS Features

3DS2 is the way to comply with the SCA regulations. This requires merchants to build additional authentication into their payment flow, using two out of the following three authentication elements:

  • Knowledge (something only the user knows) like a password or PIN
  • Possession (something only the user possesses) like a phone or wearable device
  • Inherence (something the user is) like fingerprints or facial recognition

How Flex 3DS works

Flex 3DS is a payments authentication solution that is implemented on a gateway level. Transactions are checked, taken into account exemptions, while supporting both traditional 3DS1 and 3DS2 versions

  • Saves merchants the cost of high 3DS acquirer fee and regular transaction fee when the transactions are declined due to 3DS authentication
  • Increases success rates while lowering the risk of fraud
  • Provides a frictionless checkout experience for customers
  • Ensures PSD2 compliance with a smooth 3DS2 flow

Compliance does not have to come at the cost of a seamless payment experience!

Working of Flex

How 3DS Routing works

3DS Routing working

3DS routing allows merchants to decide and implement their own 3DS2 strategy. Namely, merchants can choose which transactions they want to pass on to 3DS2, 3DS1, or no 3DS. This feature routes transactions to the most efficient authentication protocol, taking into account exemptions and other valuable information.

  • No 3DS: TRA Exempted, whitelisted merchants, interregional, some recurring and out of scope transactions can be routed as a NO3DS transaction.
  • 3DS2:  This is the best way to comply with the SCA regulations
  • 3DS 1:  if the issuer is not ready for 3DS2, then the transaction will be authenticated with 3DS1 
  • LVE: Low value transactions, transactions under €30 and cumulative payments higher than €100 on the same card.    


3DS1 sunset is approaching
3ds Sunset

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