Deutsche Payment has partnered with WL Payments to serve the German market

Amsterdam  12.02.2021
Deutsche Payment and WL Payments are pleased to announce their partnership in combining Deutsche Payment’s ample expertise and WL Payments’ innovative technology to service the German market. 

The German independent sales organization, Deutsche Payment, was looking for a payment gateway partner as the company wanted to offer its clients a multi-acquirer setup as well as routing possibilities and all other conversion boosting payment features, with effortless integrations. Additionally, the company required new payment innovations, extensive reporting features and intuitive interfaces in order to provide its merchants with the most modern and scalable payments infrastructure. 

All of the aforementioned requirements were successfully met by the WL Payments’ acquirer-agnostic, white-label payments platform. The company offers a complete and fully cloud-based payment orchestration platform with numerous transaction optimizing features. 

Besides, the WL Payments integration team was extremely flexible and able to meet all of Deutsche Payment’s deadlines and needs. 

As a result , both companies decided to partner together in order to deliver the most merchant-centric payment solutions in the German market. Considering Deutsche Payment’s vast knowledge in payment processing and WL Payments’ technological capabilities, this partnership is expected to deliver significant value to all of Deutsche Payment’s merchants, while also opening up a new market for WL Payments. Hence, this partnership presents an opportunity for both companies to grow and expand together. 

“WL Payments platform not only covers all the bases of a modern payment infrastructure, but also optimizes the existent necessities. Overall, WL Payments’ technology offers solutions to the current pain-points of our merchants, while the setup process was smooth and the integrations were extremely speedy. We have never heard a “we can`t” from the WL Payments team, so we feel like we are in great hands and predict a bright future for this partnership. Deutsche Payment and WL Payments are on the same path – we are looking forward to growing together”. 

 – Martin Osterloh, Sales Director at Deutsche Payment 

“WL Payments is delighted to partner with such a highly regarded and well-established company as Deutsche Payment. The company has tremendous expertise in payments, making it a true market leader. Thus, this partnership was a natural fit and considering all the creative synergies we expect it to add tremendous value to online businesses.

– Sunil Jhamb, CEO at WL Payments

Deutsche Payment has partnered with WL Payments to serve the German market

Deutsche Payment has partnered with WL Payments to serve the German market Deutsche Payment has partnered withWLPayments to serve the German market.