WLPayments is a ‘Start Up to watch’ in The Paypers report: Who’s Who in Payments 2020

In the last edition of Who’s Who in Payments we had the honour to be named as one of the ‘Start Up’s to watch in 2020. They interviewed our CEO, Sunil Jhamb and learned how WLPayments is changing the market for managed payment platforms for PSP’s, ISOs, acquirers and banks.

With a focus on seamless integrations and customization to the client’s needs, WLPayments is a perfect partner for the IT department that is usually swamped with long term projects. With all the necessary API’s, plug-ins and wrappers, IT departments can play a fundamental role in creating the solutions that product managers need in growing the company.

For the CFOs, there is the reassurance that they can cut costs on administrative tasks like reconciliation as this is something WLPayments has fully automated the process in making sure that every transaction is reconciled and settled.

For sales & marketing, it is great to sell a solution that is actually an added value to their clients. The dashboard is full of relevant actionable information with lots of data and insights to use commercially.

Innovative payments’ solutions like Going Dutch, Sell on Social Media and the Payment Link generator are just a few examples of how WLPayments listens to the customers in developing innovative payment features.

Check The Paypers report here and see page 31-34 for more about WLPayments.

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