Our Story

Our journey started back in 2015 when our CEO, Sunil Jhamb, founded the company to address several gaps in the payment space. Backed by the founders of GlobalCollect, Sunil formed a team of highly motivated and skilled developers. This team started out by building payment solutions for other payments companies and was soon a force to be reckoned with. At the same time, providing these services helped us understand first-hand what was needed to develop the best payment technology.

The fruit of this learning and hard work is a proprietary built, award-winning, acquirer-agnostic payments gateway. Since 2019, we offer it as a white-label Platform as a Service (PaaS) to other payments companies. In the first quarter of 2021, we will serve our customers on the newly rebuilt WLP 3.0 gateway.

Always staying true to our vision:

“We grow when our Customers grow!”

What We Do

Our white-label global payments platform provides secure plug-and-play fintech solutions for ISOs, PSPs, Acquirers, Banks, and online Merchants. We offer our clients a modern and modular platform, built to their specifications with the possibility to integrate 25+ acquirers, 40+ payment methods, supporting 20+ languages, and 80+ currencies. Accept payments worldwide, gain actionable insights, route transactions via multiple acquirers, and increase payment performance with innovative features such as Payment Link Generator, Smart Retries, QR Code, and One-Click Payments. We have everything needed to support an online business under one integrated platform.

Global Payments

Cutting-edge FinTech solutions for Payment Service Providers, Acquirers and Merchants, offering features such as Instant Payment Page Builder, Payment Gateway A/B Testing and Dynamic Checkout to maximize conversions.

Fraud Prevention

Real-time Fraud Prevention solution incorporating machine learning classification, business rules engine, bot & proxy detection, unique device fingerprinting and much more to protect merchants from advanced attack vectors.


Fine tune your customers’ checkout experience with custom themes, fonts, colors, and background. Payment page that complements your webstore’s look and feel.

Our Values

Integrity, trust, and motivation are the main principles upon which our company is based. We believe in a business partner approach and strive to continually improve with our partners by having our specialists available to provide speedy support and answer all payments-related questions.

As a trusted partner: We grow when our Customers grow! Enhancing the user experience and increasing payment conversions is what we focus on. We provide competitive payment solutions that can help you to stay in control of digital payments.