Payment Orchestration Platform

Our Payment Orchestration Platform allows our merchants to create effective and personalised routing rules for incoming transactions. Through Real-Time Analytics, our merchants can track insightful payments data and make well-informed decisions to grow their business.

The five layers of payment orchestration:

 Intelligent Transaction Routing: Control your transaction flow to increase your conversion rates

Real-Time Analytics: Utilise actionable transaction data for better informed decision making

Automated Reconciliation: Save the time and cost of day-to-day accounting

Risk Management: Detect fraudulent behaviour and get notified about chargebacks

Plug-n-Play API: Add new local payment methods at lightning speed

3DS Innovations

Flex 3DS &

3DS Routing

Improve success rates, lower costs and stay compliant, using our payment authentication solution Flex 3DS. Merchants are also able to choose the best 3DS strategy for each of their transactions with 3DS routing.

Accepting Payments was Never this Easy and Simple

Create a Payment Link via API or Dashboard

Share the Payment Link over SMS, Email etc.

Customer pays through their preferred online payment method

Get Notified once the payment is complete

Automatic Reconciliation

Easily match your transactions across different acquirers by automating the time-consuming reconciliation process.

Keep Payments Safe

Prevent fraudulent transactions without impacting your customers through our powerful Risk Engine.

Merchant Portal

Save time and effort, make data-based business decisions with our in-depth reporting dashboards.

Automatic Reconciliation

No more unmatched transactions or missing funds.

Keep Payments Safe

Prevent fraudulent transactions without impacting your customers.

Merchant Portal

Save time and effort with our in-depth reporting dashboards.

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